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As the only component that spreads the strength which connected two parts of thermal barrier aluminium profiles, it not only has heat insulated function, but also play an important role of the strucre connections. Therefore, the function and environment adaptability decided the service life of energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Excellent mechanical properties:

The unique production technic from Mikevis make the glass fiber more evenly distributed so that thermal barrier strip has stronger tensile strength, high shear stress and high mechanical strength.

The linear expansion coefficient is close to that of aluminium

The linear expansion coefficient of Mikevis thermal barrier strip is close to that of aluminum, ensuring that the thermal barrier strip is always tightly bonded to the aluminum under the conditions of sun exposure and severe cold, preventing accidents caused by displacement or shedding.

High temperature resistance

The thermal deformation temperature of Mikevis thermal barrier strip can reach 245 °C, which can meet the production needs of the painting for aluminium alloy profile.

High precision in dimensions

Mikevis thermal barrier strips have a dimensional accuracy of less than 0.05mm, which makes the knurling and rollong process more faciliate and guarantees superior performance of air tightness and water resistance.

Performance of anti-aging feature and chemical corrosion resistance

Mikevis thermal barrier strips have the performance of fire-resistance, thermos stability, UV-resistance. IT's more energy-saving, environmental, durable and can be recyclable.

The best knurling effert

With the advantage of evenly distributed glass fiber and precise outline, the rate of roller crack using Mikevis thermal barrier strips can be lowed.


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