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Production scale:

Mikevis covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters,has more than 40 professional thermal barrier strips production equipment. The product specifications are complete, with an annual production capacity of 200 million meters, and is constantly expanding.


Raw material control:

Mikevis has always adhered to the "Quality First" corporate development policy and has achieved long-term stable and close cooperation with many high-quality modified plastics suppliers .


Product development:

Mikevis has set up a new product development team, and has worked closely with a number of advanced mold processing companies in China to track the entire process.

The company has a truly short development cycle and high product accuracy.


Quality inspection: 

The Mikevis Quality Control Center is equipped with advanced and complete testing equipments and equipped with professional testing personnel to complete the testing of performance indicators from raw materials to finished products.


Technical Support:

Mikevis is equipped with a strong technical service team that can help solve the problems that customers report at the fastest speed, and provide technical support such as energy-saving door and window design and thermal barrier strips testing.


Logistics and transportation:

Mikevis is located in the southwest and northwest traffic hub city - Chengdu, with convenient transportation and fast logistics. The company is equipped with a professional cargo transportation department, and it can be delivered within 24 hours around Chengdu.


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