Weather-resistant powder coating
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Product characteristics:

Weather-resistant polyester resin/ TGIC polymerization

8-year weather resistant at outdoor

Excellent mechanical properties

Excellent levelling

High storage stability

Typical usage:

Outdoor furniture

Sports facilities

Outdoor appliance

Electric cabinet

Lamp post

Color and Appearance:

Plane high gloss:70-90°

Plane dull: 40-70°

Plane low gloss: 20-40°

Sand texture / hammer texture / skin texture / metal effect

Color: Standard color atlas or customized


Performance parameters:


Base material and pre-treatment:

Steel: Degreased, phosphated

Aluminum: Chromate-free passivated

Galvanized base material: Phosphated, clean

Spray process:

Corona electrostatic spraying

Friction electrostatic spraying

Standard packaging:

25Kg carton lined with plastic bag

Curing conditions:

Suggested various curing methods: backing with oven, infrared heating, thermal convection

Limitation: By-products of baking combustion in gas stoves may cause severe changes in coating color

Workpiece temperature 200 ℃/ 10-15min


Store in the ventilated place below 30 ℃ without direct sunlight, keep away from fire source, effective storage period is 12 months;

For products with gloss below 40°, the effective storage period is 6 months @ 30 °C


The powder coating does not contain toxic substances, and no toxic gas is emitted during production, storage, transportation and use. However, during use, the operator should wear dust mask, protective glasses and protective clothing to avoid inhalation or direct contact with the powder for a long time,and fire should be strictly prohibited during use


There is a slight difference in color and effect between laboratory color matching and actual production;

Do not mix this product with other powders;

The base material must be properly cleaned and pre-treated before use;

Spray with manual or automatic electrostatic spray gun, please inform in advance if using friction gun for spraying;

The recommended coating film thickness is 60-80um, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the shape of the coated workpiece and regulations.

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