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Relation between u value and strip width:


Positive correlation exsiits between strip width and thermal insulation performance(of compound profile).

Generally,the larger the strip is,the lower the u value is,the better the thermal insulation performace.

Reduce C-shaped thermal insulation article of alternative I, the energy transfer due to the increased distance to get a lower U value.

Reduce the profile surface area .instead of a square with rounded outer surface of the out surface ,to reducethe profile of the U value.

Profile section isotherms of heat transfer and thermal design of the direction perpendicular to the profile of U obtained the lowest.

The middle section fillde with a wide foam insulation or insulation with wingde profile of the U section can reduce the U value,it is not recommended 16mm widthwith the following article winged insulation.

The calculation of U value for the windows:




Uw: Thermal transmission coefficience of window w/m*k

Ug: Thermal transmission coefficience of glaze

Ag: Area of double glazing

Uf: Thermal transmission coefficience of frame w/m*k

Af: Area of frame

Lg: Length of glaze

Ψg: Linear thermal transmission coefficience of spacer of double glazing w/m*k


The use of thermal barrier strip effetively blocks the way trough which energy get lost,greatly reducing indoor and outdoor energy exchange,thus plays the effect of energy saving.It not can decrease heat loss in winter,but also cut off the heat transmission to the room in summer and reduce refrigeration energy consumption.Instrling heat insulation bar can adjust the surface temperature of window and door,keep the temperature higher than 13-13 degress and making a comfortable environment for human body.It can reduce energy consumption and reduce the use of Air conditioners,reducing environment pollution and the noise pollution.

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