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Product packaging:

Straight bars: regular bars, 6 meters/bar, 50 bars/bag, 100bars/bag

Coil: 500 meters/volume, 350 meters/volume

According to the customer's specific requirements, it can be produced in length, packaged, and laser coded.


Product Identification:

Each Mikevis thermal barrier strip is laser coded to trace its product specification and production date. Inside and outside the packaging are affixed with a product mark, including: implementation of standards, production date, product specifications, qualified inspection.


Transportation points:

The single bundle of heat-insulated strip may be distorted and deformed in the process of removal, and it needs to be straightened in time to avoid permanent distortion.

Coil insulation bars should be placed horizontally for storage and transportation and avoid heavy pressure, which may cause serious deformation of the insulation bars and affect their use.

Storage conditions:

Pa66 is a hydrophilic material that will gradually absorb moisture from the environment. The higher the ambient humidity and temperature, the higher the water absorption rate. Especially in the rainy season of the next season, the thermal insulation strip absorbs more water than in other seasons. Excessive moisture content (over 2%) can affect the quality of the wear strip.

Therefore, thermal barrier strips should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment, waterproof and rainproof, away from heat sources.


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