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Based on the traditional aluminum profile, the heat-insulation aluminum profile separates the original one into 2 parts and then the 2 parts are connected by mechanical means, which is called strip type heat insulation aluminum alloy. As the only outer link between aluminum, the heat-insulation strip indisputably becomes an important part of insulation aluminum profile.

Theoretically, the heat-insulation bar is composed of kind parts of the heat in sudation aluminum; materially it is composed of 2 kinds of material. The 2 ends of heat insulation strip is 2 cavities profiles rolling of composite, which is the only force and vibrates insulation structure, if the strip invalidate, twist and broke, it will directly cause heat insulation aluminum deformation and fracture, and then result in accident.

Once the heat insulation strip occurs the above problems, it will make the window basic 5 performances (Wind Load Resistance, air-tightness, water tightness, heat preservation and sound insulation) damaged or lost, then the only remedy is demolish the whole window and change a new one, it can`t be changed as the other parts like window glass, metal pieces and sealing strip. So the irreplaceable nature makes the heat insulation strip more important.

Heat insulation strip is compounded with Nylon 66 (PA66) and glass fiber. Nylon 66 is a kind of high strength, low thermal conductivity, which can guarantee the physical properties under high load conditions.

Heat insulation strip also has the following incomparable advantage:

1. Heat distortion temperature can achieve Celsius 245 degrees, completely satisfy aluminum heat insulation materials for the process operation.

2. The terrific machining performance can make the hardware firm.

3. The size precision is less than 0.05 mm, which can guarantee the window airtight, watertight performance.

4. Ageing resistance, chemical corrosion-resistant and anti-ultraviolet performance is strong, Can be recycled.

5. Expansion coefficient and aluminum accept, guarantee the insulation bar have a close and durable connection with aluminum to prevent the deformation accident.

6. Accurate shape dimension can increase aluminum mould life and make the roller cracking lower, roll teeth effect is good and it is easy to assemble.

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